Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

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Asphalt Services

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Parking lot, road, and driveway management, maintenance, and other asphalt paving services

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Depending on the project, either the client, property manager, or engineer will be in touch with us and a detailed scope of work determining such things regarding the excavation, slopes, layers, type of asphalt, (HL3 or HL8). Once received, we begin to calculate cost to provide you with the most aggressive quote possible. Sometimes it can be as simple as remove existing asphalt and replace with new. This process is very fast and simple.


By law your area will be inspected and properly marked off for all utility lines including power, telephone, cable, gas, water, sewer and any other necessary acknowledgements. We will also work with the any assigned manager of the project to be sure to take into account any non-publicly documented things we should be aware of such as invisible fences, sprinkler systems, alarm wiring or special plumbing and electrical systems. We will mark off the full area and be aware of all potential complications or special circumstances.


What is underneath your new asphalt is just as important as the new paving on top. It’s important not to lay new asphalt atop soft ground or damaged under layer asphalt. This could cause future cracks and failures. We will be sure all damaged aggregate and muck (mud build up) are removed, make any base repairs necessary and only use quality material that will ensure long term life of your new asphalt is left in the area we will be paving.

Base & Grading

We will evaluate the base and then be sure to use the crushed and processed solid material or stone as a quality base. We have top notch equipment (including skid steers, specialized graders, laser levels and a vibratory roller), providing time efficient and effective installation during this process.

Laying New Asphalt

Once all initial steps are complete and the surface is properly prepped, we will begin the laying of the new, fresh non-recycled (unless specified) asphalt. We will bring an adequate amount of freshly batched, heated pavement mix to the site and work steadily to lay your new asphalt to ensure there is minimal cooling down of any materials while laying.

Compacting & Finish

This step is crucial. Compacting is the part of the process that ensures your new driveway, parking lot or street stays together and is able to survive the seasons. We guarantee a smooth, strong, quality finish.


Our installers will inspect the work complete and be sure the project is completed to 100% satisfaction.

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