Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

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Rubberized Crack Repair

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Rubberized Crack Repair

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

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Repair Your Asphalt With Rubberized Crack Sealant

Hot rubberized crack sealant is an effective methods used to seal the damaged area. This method is applied to cracks that measure about ¼ “-1” wide. Rubberized sealant is one  the most effective, safest, and durable solution to seal all cracks. Hot rubberized crack sealant has many advantages to it:

Proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, and protects the damaged area from moisture, chemicals, and salt to penetrate through and cause future damage.

When properly applied it can last for few years preventing future cracks to develop again enhancing the longevity of your base and surface.

Benefits of Crack Sealing with May Sealing

  • Prevents water and noncompressible penetration
  • Minimizes crack growth
  • Reduces formation of alligators and potholes
  • Retards reflective cracking in overlays
  • Helps provide a smoother ride surface
  • Greatly extends the life of your pavement
  • Delays the need for overlays

This method is clean, safe and does not require much time to dry.

After this process is completed, we recommend the application of asphalt sealer across the entire perimeter of the parking lot or driveway. Anywhere where there is asphalt in order to really protect your surface and more importantly your investment. 

Ontario Paving accommodates our hours of operation so tenants/residents and consumers are not inconvenienced. Many times we operate over night.


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