Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

Covid 19 – Click Here to learn about our complete contactless services.

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How we help

“I have always been a fervent believer in giving back.

Whether it be volunteer work or helping a family in need,

I find a way to give back.”

– Luca Brienza – Founder of Ontario Paving Inc.

We Support


In the early new year of 2020, I was in the Amazon Jungle of Peru spending time with Indigenous tribes.

In December 2020, Ontario Paving gave a donation in order to help buy and distribute Christmas gifts to the local children. It gives us great pleasure to help put smiles on these beautiful children.


Over the last few years through the Beautiful World Organization, we have sponsored a young aspiring woman from Uganda to get through university. It gave us great pleasure to facilitate her success in fulfilling her dreams to pursue her education and build a career towards a prosperous life.

At Ontario Paving Inc. we believe that in our success we also help others to succeed.  If you would like to learn more about this great cause I support, please click on the link and help others make their dream come true.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Sick Kids Foundation

Since 2001 I have been a member of the Sick Kids Miracle Club. Every Month I make a donation to the foundation and Every Christmas I drop of a few boxes of toys to Sick Kids Hospital. Children are innocent, never given the opportunity to make a choice in their well-being. In my eyes children are the real warriors, strong enough to fight the illness that was brought on them. Care to become a member,

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Plan Canada

After travelling to Africa in 2006, I decided to adopt a child through Plan Canada. It gives me great pleasure to know that my donation goes towards food, shelter, clothing, and most importantly a child’s future. Interested in adopting a child, you can find more info on the link below.

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Childrens Wish Foundation


Through the help of my great friends and associates I recently raised $2000 dollars for Children’s Make A Wish Foundation. The money I raised enabled me to repel from the top of Toronto City Hall. Thanks to everyone that made a donation they have invested in making a child’s wish come true


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